Clean Silhouette Blade – How To

With all of the fabulous projects you have been creating using your Silhouette Cameo, you might be finding that your blade isn’t cutting quite as great as it should be or used to be. It is possible that you may need to replace the blade or it is quite possible that your blade could just use a cleaning.


Cutting through all the various papers, vinyls, fabrics, etc. your blade could have likely picked up bits and pieces of these materials and that could be clogging the works and standing in the way of that perfect cut. Here are a few places you can find tips and tricks to cleaning your Silhouette Cameo blade.

  • Check out this great blog post at Scrap-a-Doodles for three great tips and tricks for cleaning your Silhouette Cameo blade.
  • This post from Globug Ideas tackles troubleshooting any blade issues you might be having but does offer tips for cleaning the blade housing.
  • In this video shared on the Under A Cherry Tree blog we are shown how to open the Silhouette ratchet blade to get those tiny pieces of paper cleared out.

Now that you got all those little bits of papers and fabrics cleared out of your blade you can get back to creating with your Silhouette Cameo!