Cleaning Silhouette Cameo Blade

blades for silhouette cameoThe Silhouette Cameo blade doesn’t always cut right. After all, after slicing through piles of cardstock, vinyl, patterned paper, and chipboard, not to mention fabric and more, it’s bound to get a little sticky and dull, right? Right! But before you decide you have to replace the blade entirely, you might want to try cleaning it first.

Here are some ideas for cleaning Silhouette Cameo blades:

1. Remove it from its housing and blow lightly on the blade, either with your mouth or with compressed air (you know, the stuff you use to clean your computer keyboard!). The compressed air is preferable, as it will dislodge any tiny bits of paper or lint that are stuck inside the housing.

2. Try retracting the blade all the way (to #0), blowing air on it, and then extending it all the way (to #10 on the marks) and blowing air again. If you see loose debris, you can gently remove it with the Silhouette Hook (but be extremely careful not to dislodge the blade!). Don’t dig or treat your blade roughly; that tiny little blade is fragile, and you could dislodge it or nick it, thereby doing more harm than good.

3. Replace the blade in its housing, making sure to lock it into place.

Do NOT rub your fingers over the blade (even if you think it’s retracted all the way) or you may find yourself with some pretty nasty cuts!

If your blade is still not cutting properly, check out this guide for what to do if your Silhouette Cameo Isn’t Cutting Right. If you haven’t had your Cameo very long, you may even have a defective Cameo blade, and you’ll need to request a replacement. Thankfully, Silhouette America support is fantastic and can help you out quickly. They’ll have you up and cutting in no time!

You really shouldn’t need to clean your Silhouette Cameo blade, but if you are losing detail on your cuts, these steps are worth a shot before ordering a Cameo replacement blade.