How Do you Cut SVG Files with the Cameo?

We were unpleasantly surprised to try to open SVG files with our Silhouette Cameo, only to find that this file type is not supported by the standard Silhouette Cameo software! Here are your solutions:

1. Upgrade to the Studio Designer Edition software. The Designer Edition supports SVG files and you can cut them from there. That costs about $50… so you may want to use this cost-free method:

2. Download Inkscape, a free , open-source graphics program.

Once you’ve downloaded it, open it your SVG file. Do a “save as” and select the DXF output. NOTE: When we tried this, we got an error message that an additional “xml wrapper” needed to be installed. We attempted to install this, but unfortunately it did not work… You may have better luck!

So that leaves us with option 3..

3. Open the SVG file in Inkscape and save as a .PNG file. Open the PNG file in Silhouette Studio, and use the Trace function to trace the shape, then save it to your library. You then should be able to cut it like a normal file.

In the long run, you may find it easier to just purchase the $50 Designer Studio software package!