How to Cut on the Cameo Without the Mat

cameo cutting matThe Silhouette CAMEO can cut both with the Silhouette mat and without; meaning some materials you can load directly into the machine. To do so, you just need to know a couple of things.

  1. Make sure the white rollers in the machine are equa-distance apart, and that they are actually in contact with the edges of your mat and/or media. Adjusting the rollers properly will ensure that both your mat and/or your media are held in place properly during the cutting process. Note: remember to flip the blue lever back into place once you’ve adjusted the white rollers.
  2. Use your mat if your media has no backing or no rigidity to it. The mat provides rigidity and a place for the blade cut through to. Note, the center, translucent portion, of your mat will always have some impressions or cuts from the blade. It’s designed to take this sort of “punishment.”
  3. You can cut some media without the mat, including paper-backed vinyl and paper-backed fabric (make sure you don’t have “carrier sheet” checked and be sure to adjust your blade depth.) To do so, on the Silhouette CAMEO keypad, select “Load Media.” Once in the Silhouette Studio software, from the Page Tools menu, go down to “Cutting Mat” and select “None.” You’ll see the “mat” on the screen change to one without the extra “edges” or margins.
  4. If you’ve cut without your mat, you will need to go back to the machine keypad and select “Load Mat” before cutting a new design. Leaving it on “Load Media” the machine assumes there’s still other media going into the machine, and will cut closer to the edges – there are no margins in Media cutting. Thus, when you go to cut your new design, you’ll end up running off the edges of your design and cutting through the mat. If you have a setting of 5 or higher and set to double-cut, you’re going to end up slicing through the mat.

If you’re a visual learner, you can check out this YouTube video by Expressions Vinyl. Be sure to check out the Silhouette Flickr Group Discussions if you have other questions – lots of people there to help.