How to Buy a Used Silhouette Cameo

Buying a Used Silhouette CAMEO

You’ve decided that the Silhouette CAMEO is the machine for you, but maybe the price-tag of a new machine is a little high for your budget. 

Because it’s a new machine, there really aren’t any places to find a used machine; at least not yet. After some time has passed, however, listings on will show whether there are used machines available for purchase. and even are places to look for used, well-maintained machines.

As with most things that are sold “used” or “as is,” it’s buyer beware. When available, read seller ratings and reviews. Whether on Craigslist, eBay or Amazon ask questions: How long has the owner had the machine? How often was it used? Why is the owner selling the machine? What is included with the machine? Is the warranty transferable? What return options are there? Ask for photos and don’t be afraid to ask for detail and close-ups.

Know what a new machine comes with, what it looks like and have an idea of what you would expect to be normal “wear and tear.” Find out what replacement parts cost, in case you need them. Are you able to send in a used machine for maintenance and what are starting costs to have the machine looked at?

In the end, do the best you can to be sure you’re purchasing from a reputable source. Ask questions. Know what you’re willing to pay, what you’re willing to accept in terms of cosmetics or missing pieces. And if possible, when you do make your purchase, use a credit card so you have a way to get your money back should something go wrong. In the end, you’ll more than likely have the machine you want at a cost that’s good for your budget.