Silhouette Cameo Message Boards

silhouette message board

Image from Country Living

Looking for a Silhouette Cameo message board to swap Cameo project ideas, tips and tricks, and more? Here’s a list of the best Silhouette Cameo online communities out there:
1. 2Peas. 2Peasinabucket has pretty much everything scrapbook-related, including a thriving online message board with literally tens of thousands of posts. It appears there isn’t a specific die-cutting thread. Instead, all the Silhouette/Cameo talk is mixed in on the general scrapping board. Here’s a thread with comments and images of recent Cameo projects.

2. also has a huge online scrapbooking message board. You’ll find some talk about the Silhouette Cameo¬†mixed amongst the other chatter.

3. Make the Cut. Make the Cut is a scrapbooking forum entirely dedicated to die-cutting – fabulous! It appears to be focused around the Make the Cut software and a Zing cutter, but there is no “about” section on the site so it’s difficult to figure out exactly what’s what. In any case, there’s lots of Cameo talk amidst the more specific Zing info.

4. SVGCuts is another “mystery” site. It comes up when you search on “cameo forums” but there’s no intro page, and people are discussing all types of die-cutting and scrapping (so it can’t be a bad thing!). If you go to the main SVGCuts site, it appears it’s a site selling .SVG files, which can be cut by a number of different electronic die-cutting machines. There are challenges, project ideas, and general discussion on the forum.

5. ScrapGirls is a general scrapbooking forum with quite a bit of Cameo/Silhouette talk, so it’s definitely worth a look-see to see if it fits your chatting style. There is not currently a die-cut or Cameo-specific board, so post your Cameo questions under the “general and paper scrapbooking” topic.