Silhouette Cameo Not Cutting Right?

Is your Silhouette Cameo not cutting right? Maybe one of these solutions will help:

Blade installation. When I first took my Silhouette Cameo out of the box, I didn’t have the blade set right and it didn’t quite reach the paper to cut  properly. Make sure you’ve set the blade in its sheath correctly so it “snaps” into place. You can see basics on how to do this in your guide that you received with your Cameo. If you don’t have that handy, you can find an online guide here.

Blade setting. Another common problem that can make your Silhouette Cameo not cut is not having the blade set to the right thickness or depth. Different media require different settings, so follow the instructions in your guide that you received with your Cameo. Page 9 in the Silhouette Cameo Guide mentioned above will tell you what the common settings are.

Cut settings. When you send a new project to the Silhouette by clicking on the Cameo icon at the top of your window, a new dialog box opens to the right of the window. It looks like this:

Silhouette Cameo Cutting Settings

See the two red arrows? You need to confirm your settings are correct for the media, speed and thickness at the first arrow on top before you click on the “Cut Page” by the bottom arrow. If your cuts are “fuzzy” or not deep enough, you may be cutting too fast, at too thin a thickness, or for the wrong medium. Click on “Change Settings” to adjust these numbers.

Dull blade. Blades will get dull with use. If you’ve had your Silhouette Cameo for a while and it’s starting to not cut as well, it may be time for a new blade. You can buy them from Amazon here.