Silhouette CAMEO Tutorials

silhouetted cameo tutorialsThe Silhouette CAMEO is an easy machine to operate. For some there is a learning curve, but others jump right in with both feet. No matter what your comfort zone with new technologies, tutorials can come in handy. Here are some of our favorite sources for great tutorials: Silhouette’s Blog has tutorials on everything the CAMEO can do: Heat Transfer, Fabric Ink, Print & Cut, Tattoo Papers, Rhinestones and more. The blog offers good, detailed directions along with color photos of the steps.

For some the next best thing to having hands-on face-to-face is video tutorials. Search YouTube for the specifics of what you want to learn, like “Silhouette CAMEO Print and Cut” and you’ll find plenty to pick from. If you’ve already found a producer of videos you like, search more specifically in their video library. Remember you can subscribe to producers, to be notified of new uploaded videos.

Here are a few other YouTube producers you can try:

  • StarOfMay – Kristina Werner is a prolific video producer, with over 300 videos in her library. Her videos are project based, but she has great information.
  • UnderACherryTree – offers over 40 videos, including How To’s, Using Make the Cut and Lettering Delights, and a few project-based.
  • ScrapHappy Lain – she offers great videos on a number of scrapbooking products, including the CAMEO.
  • ExpressionsVinyl – produces a couple dozen videos on the basics of the Silhouette CAMEO.
  • DoodlingDebbie1 – has several starter videos
  • Silhouette – shows how to use four of their kits
  • nasayi – has several videos for the basics and some of the specific functions