Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Project

There are so many cool things you can do with your Silhouette Cameo to add pizazz to your paper crafting but using your Cameo and Vinyl you can add pizzazz anywhere and to just about  anything!


These projects are fun and creative ways to dress up your home, your appliances or your favorite coffee mug! Take a look and you will be inspired to get cutting with your Silhouette Cameo.

  • The Local Cook documents how to use your Silhouette Cameo to place a small image onto a travel mug. This tutorial includes blade settings and how to use transfer paper with your vinyl.
  • You have seen those car decals with little stick figures representing family members, well how about creating your own real life car decal using this tutorial from Grosgrain.  Bust out your vinyl, transfer paper and Silhouette and create your personalized real life car decals today.
  • Want to spruce up your kitchen? How about giving your mixer a makeover? U Create shows off a newly made over Kitchenaide here.
  • Want to customize candles either for home décor or a great gift?  House of Hepworths shows you how easy and beautiful this can be.
  • Kids grow in and out of interests all the time at the Silhouette America blog they show you how to personalize this adorable chair that can be easily changed when your youngster decides they are into something new!
  • Van Nguyen created this lovely framed message board using her Cameo to cut out a sentiment giving the frame a personal touch.

What great projects for your Silhouette Cameo and vinyl. Now you can decorate your home, your car or your favorite possessions!