Solving Silhouette Cameo Problems

Ok, you’ve taken your Silhouette Cameo out of the box and you’ve discovered a couple of problems right? Fear not, remember every new toy has a little bit of a learning curve and more than likely someone has already encountered the same problem and has figured out the solution.

Here are a few tips and tricks to solving Silhouette Cameo Problems:

  • Super Joy from Joy’s Life is here to help you solve the issue of your Silhouette Cameo from cutting outside the cutting mat area.
  • Sending an image to your Silhouette Cameo but it’s not cutting? This quick video tells you just how to fix that: 

  • This Thrive tutorial will help teach you how to keep your vinyl from shifting while working on a project.

  • Are you having trouble getting clean cuts? Kerri Bradford helps you solve that problem here.
  • For all the basics, we’ve got you covered here at the Silhouette Cameo Guide. here are many posts that will help troubleshoot Silhouette Cameo issues and problems. 

Problems solved! Now you can head to your Silhouette Cameo and get creating!