The Best Silhouette Cameo Videos

silhouette cameo videos you tubeIf you’re watching videos, you want the best. So here’s a list of the absolute best Silhouette CAMEO videos available online:

Sometime it’s just easier to learn watching a video, rather than reading instructions. A quick search on YouTube for “Silhouette CAMEO” will give you lots of choices. You’ll find tutorials, projects, techniques, PC and Mac users, and more.

Here are a few to get you started and remember, you can subscribe to video channels so that you’re notified when new videos are uploaded.

  • StarOfMay – Kristina Werner is a prolific video producer, with over 300 videos in her library. Her videos are project based, but she has great information.
  • UnderACherryTree – offers over 40 videos, including How To’s, Using Make the Cut and Lettering Delights, and a few project-based. She also includes written tutorials on her blog.
  • ScrapHappy Lain – Lain Ehmann provides occasional videos for Cameo newbies. Her easy-to-follow style and general happy demeanor makes her worth following.
  • ExpressionsVinyl – produces a couple dozen videos on the basics of the Silhouette CAMEO.
  • DoodlingDebbie1 – Has a couple dozen tutorials, including the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software.
  • Silhouette – Shows how to use four of the Silhouette Starter Kits
  • nasayi – Has several basic tutorials and project based videos.
  • GingerCupcakeCards – Has a good basic introduction to the CAMEO that includes installing the blade (incorrectly installed blades can create cutting problems.)