What Can I Cut with My Cameo?

what can I cut with my silhouetteThe Silhouette CAMEO cuts a wide variety of materials whether you’re a scrapbooker, paper crafter or looking into a variety of options for your home décor.

Cutting Paper and Cardstock with the Cameo– Create scrapbook pages, titles, paper piecings, shapes of all kinds, borders, cards of all kinds

Cutting Vinyl (Self-adhesive and removable) with the Cameo – The large variety of colors gives you tons of options for window decals and decorations, wall art, wall quotes and words, labels, and car decals (whether your business logo and information, kids’ sports teams or those cute little stick families.) Create a vinyl template and apply it to glass add etching cream and you can make your own etched glassware.

Cutting Heat Transfer Material (for light and dark fabrics) with the Cameo – Cut your own designs to apply to clothing, accessories or home décor pieces and then just iron-on.

Cutting Rhinestone Templates with the Cameo – Cut designs to create templates to bling-out your project of choice.

Cutting Fabric with the Cameo – Simply iron on Sewable or Clean Cut Interfacing for Fabric to make appliqués, quilting shapes and home décor pieces like pillows, throws, curtains or seasonal decorations.

Cutting Magnet Paper with the Cameo – Make your own magnets or create custom magnet labels for metal bins and buckets around the house.

Cutting Tattoo Paper with the Cameo – Cut your designs, add a little water and you have a fun, easy and quick treat for parties, carnivals and school fund-raisers

Also look for Wood Paper and Transparencies to cut with your Silhouette CAMEO

Cutitng Chipboard with the Cameo – Most sources say that chipboard/cardboard the thickness of cereal boxes can be cut fairly easily. However, there is no standard thickness and the wear on the blades is high, resulting in the need to replace them often. There is talk that Silhouette will produce a blade that will provide more consistent cuts for various types of chip/cardboard. You know you’ll hear all about it here, so stay tuned!

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