What File Types can the Silhouette Cameo Cut?

what file types can the silhouette came cut

image from Ikony

A common Cameo electronic die-cut user question is, “What file types will the Cameo cut?” We’ve got the scoop, so read on!

Silhouette CAMEO file types.

Your Silhouette CAMEO electronic cutter cuts several file types. Here’s what you need to know.

The Silhouette can read the proprietary file formats of GSD, GSP, GST and DSX files. Silhouette can open GSD files to cut. It can cut True Type fonts loaded on your computer, as well as STUDIO files. You can import* .bmp or .jpg files that can be traced, and then cut, using the Auto Outline feature of Silhouette Studio (comes with the CAMEO.) File formats, such as .wmf and .emf files can be imported to view and print, but cannot be used with the Auto-Outline feature. Any images you create yourself either the Silhouette Studio or Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, will cut on the CAMEO.

Upgrading to Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, will allow you to import .svg or vector images you may have created in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, or other drawing software programs.

Third-party software such as Make the Cut (MTC) or Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) appear to currently support the Silhouette CAMEO. Contact the companies to find out whether you will also need Silhouette Studio Designer Edition to cut MTC or SCAL files.

*Silhouette cannot guarantee the quality of the cuts when using imported files.